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Resident evil 4

2008-11-17 18:47:29 by LOLproduction999

Did some of you guys are Resident evil 4 fans? I am! I beat the game pretty much 30 times and i continue playing. (im a fucking hardcore fan of the resident evil series). Well this week, I will put mi first Quiz GAME!!! W00t! Its mi first ''game'' but i put a lot of effort in it and i found some music from Resident evil 4!!!

If you wanna be IN LOLproduction and have your name in my pretty profile, send an E-mail to: and join th party!!! When you are in lolproduction you have access to the lolproductions collab and much more!!!

Go visit ur web site!!!

Resident evil 4


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2008-11-17 20:06:20

Speaking of zombies, Left 4 Dead comes out tomorrow =D

LOLproduction999 responds: